When you have graffiti on your premises, it can be highly stressful. It not only looks bad on the property but can encourage more anti-social behaviour and cause damage to materials. It may bring down the reputation of a business or area or portray messages of discrimination. Graffiti is unwelcome wherever it may be.

When you notice graffiti, do not panic. It is essential to respond quickly and efficiently, whether in a private or public space. One of your first questions may be, ‘Who is responsible for graffiti removals?’

Graffiti removal responsibility

For local authority lands & buildings

Graffiti is illegal, and if the graffiti is on local authority land  - such as on street furniture, litter bins, monuments, or public buildings- the council will be responsible for removing it. Council-owned property may include bridges, car parks, council houses, pavilions, pedestrian underpasses, and public conveniences. Removal of graffiti from electricity boxes and bus shelters will sometimes be the responsibility of the company that owns them.

Different councils will have slightly different rules, but if you notice graffiti on a public building, street furniture or monuments, it is important to report it to your local council as quickly as possible. Most councils will ask for the details of the graffiti and whether it is offensive, its location and evidence, such as a photo or video. In addition, you can report graffiti online on many council websites. People who cause graffiti can be issued fines and warnings.

For privately-owned buildings

Responsibility for removing graffiti from private property lies with the owner. Most insurance companies will cover graffiti under criminal damage, so you may want to check your policy with your insurance company. Our graffiti removal company can provide quotes and invoices for insurance purposes.

Our graffiti removal company can remove graffiti from all surfaces, including concrete, brick, render, cladding, wooden fences and walls, doors, street furniture, glass, and other areas. We can access even the most challenging areas and always ensure that the correct products are used on surfaces so they never cause ‘ghosting’.

Never attempt to remove graffiti yourself. Graffiti removal is a highly specialist process, and we use the latest state-of-the-art doff cleaning equipment. Pressure or jet washing can simply cause damage to materials and push any paint further into the surface.

Graffiti aftercare

We understand that graffiti vandalism is expensive, and this is why we can advise all customers about the best graffiti protection. We can provide sacrificial and permanent anti-graffiti coatings. These make graffiti far easier to wash off, so surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. They also act as a deterrent as it is clear to graffiti artists that the surface has been treated, so they are more likely to move on.

Anti-graffiti coatings can also provide a cost-effective measure where graffiti has become an issue. Our graffiti experts will be more than happy to advise you.

Do you need assistance with graffiti removals? Call our graffiti removal company

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