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If you require prompt graffiti removal near you, call the team at Wipeout Graffiti Removal.

Whether you need stubborn paint eliminated from brickwork or wall art banished from the exterior of your property, we have the experience and knowledge to complete the job.

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Staines-upon-Thames commercial & domestic graffiti removal

Our service guarantees a fast response and helpful approach to graffiti removals. Many people who attempt to remove graffiti from their premises will make the matter worse by pushing the graffiti further into the substrate. We can remove all graffiti from different surfaces without leaving traces behind, called ‘ghosting’.

Our team, led by Andy, has over three decades of experience in graffiti removal and exterior cleaning. We know and understand the issues associated with graffiti -such as damage to your property or reputation and that graffiti can sometimes attract repeat episodes.

We use the latest high-powered cleaning techniques and tools to remove graffiti whilst never damaging surfaces.

For more details or a quick quote, call now on 020 3 837 3605 or WhatsApp a picture of the graffiti to 07974 357 174, and we can give you a fast quote.

Why call our graffiti removal company near you in Feltham?

Our family-run cleaning business prides itself on delivering first-class service to all our valued customers. Here are just a few reasons that our customers choose us.

Graffiti removal specialists

Experts in removing graffiti, wall art, and paint from exterior surfaces

Top-rated graffiti cleaning

Cutting-edge soft washing, DOFF cleaning, and other high-tech cleaning methods for optimal results

Proven grafitti clean-up techniques

Proven and reliable graffiti removal techniques that deliver outstanding outcomes.

Fast removal of graffiti

Swift and efficient service, aiming for same-day graffiti removal where feasible.

Competitive graffiti prices

We provide fast and free quotes and on-site consultations

Safety first

We are committed to strict health and safety protocols

Flexible vandalism eradication

We remove graffiti seven days a week, with flexible appointment scheduling

Please see a case study of graffiti removal in Peckham.

Paint and graffiti removers in Staines-upon-Thames, KT16

Staines Upon Thames is located on the bank of the River Thames in Surrey, around 17 miles south-west of Central London.

Like many urban areas, unfortunately, Staines does suffer from issues with graffiti. We work with residents, local authorities, and businesses to actively combat the issue.

All cleaning is tailored to the customer’s needs, the size and type of graffiti, and the surface it is on. We can remove graffiti from metal, brick, stone, pebbledash, cladding, marble, shutters, and other surface materials. Read our blog: Who is responsible for getting rid of graffiti?

Paint removal from brickwork in Staines-upon-Thames

Our cleaners specialise in removing paint from brickwork, using various techniques. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods are kind to porous surfaces. We prioritise safety by completing method statements and risk assessments for every job.

Attempting to remove paint or graffiti from brickwork using jet washing methods is counterproductive because it may push the paint further into the brickwork and damage the surface. Our approach involves steam cleaning and low pressures to swiftly remove paint without saturating bricks.

Please take a look at our gallery to see pictures of successful work.

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Anti-graffiti protection in Staines-upon-Thames

If you are dealing with recurring graffiti incidents, it will be beneficial to explore anti-graffiti coatings. These are suitable for various surfaces, including render, brick, and stone and will discourage vandals. The two main types of anti-graffiti coatings available:

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings

Designed for porous surfaces and external brickwork, these coatings allow graffiti to be more easily removed from materials. The coatings will be removed along with the graffiti, leaving the original surface in tact.

Permanent anti-graffiti coatings

These coatings create a complete seal across the surface, preventing the ink from penetrating it. These tend to be used on harder surfaces where permeability is not a concern.

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