Why did the client need our services?

The client contacted Wipeout to inquire about graffiti removal because their industrial building had been affected by graffiti. Unfortunately, areas that have been graffitied do not convey a professional image. They were renting out their unit on an industrial estate and wanted it to look good for prospective tenants. Graffiti removals signal that the property is valued, and it can prevent new vandalism from taking place.

Here at Wipeout, we have been providing exterior cleaning and graffiti removal for over three decades. Graffiti removal is a highly specialist service, and we use state-of-the-art techniques and technology to ensure excellent results. We offer our graffiti removal service to residential and commercial clients.

What work was carried out?

Our cleaning technicians arrived quickly and cleaned the exterior of the industrial unit using our specialist equipment and experience. Our expert knowledge means we know what chemicals to use on specific materials to ensure they are clean without causing damage. For example, cleaning and graffiti removal methods or chemicals that are incorrect can destroy the substrate or lead to ‘ghosting’, where there are shadows of the graffiti left behind.

Our team went in to complete the work and effectively cleaned the entire space, leaving no signs of graffiti behind. In addition, our team can remove all types of graffiti with minimum fuss.

Were there any challenges?

The graffiti was located high up, so the team had to remove graffiti using a cherry picker to access the exterior. We had to complete the graffiti removal project in a tight time frame as they wanted to rent the building out as quickly as possible. Also, there was heavy traffic around the site, so all cleaning work had to be undertaken outside of normal working hours. Our team is always happy to work around our client’s schedules and is always discreet.

The graffiti had also been there for some time, and it is proven that the faster graffiti is removed, the higher success with all removals.

What did the clients think of the results?

The client was delighted with the results. The site manager said: “The graffiti had been there for quite a while, so  I was surprised they managed to remove it all. Wipeout has excellent qualifications with SafeContractor, and it is great that staff are IPAF trained. This made health and safety a lot easier for us!”

Do you need graffiti removals? Call Wipeout

Our graffiti cleaning technicians have specialist knowledge and experience. In addition, Wipeout can provide all other types of exterior cleaning, including driveway cleaning, stonework cleaning, brickwork cleaning, and more.

To learn more about our services, please call our team now on 01923 349 303 or email info@wipeoutuk.co.uk. For graffiti removal enquiries, please send pictures to 07974 357 174, and we can provide a quick quote.

Our team provides exterior cleaning across many locations, including paint removal and brickwork cleaning in Wimbledon.

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